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UNIX Implementation for MSX

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Don't you know what MSX is? Discover here!
See some screenshots of UZIX 1.0 and UZIX 2.0.
What have changed here?
  • 18/03/2005 - Updated file fb.conf;
  • 24/09/2003 - New UZIX 0.2.1 alpha release;
  • 30/03/2003 - UZIX TCP/IP with Windows guide released;
  • 19/08/2002 - New UZIX 0.2.1 alpha released;
  • 26/06/2002 - Improved Linux HTC compiler;
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    WARNING: UZIX 1.0 is a simpler version of UZIX, with a 32k kernel, and can be more easily ported to other machines. To study an OS kernel, or port UZIX, start with UZIX 1.0, whose development is finished, and its source is fully available. UZIX 2.0 is beta software and is under development.
    For more information about UZIX project, write to

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