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UNIX Implementation for MSX

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What is the UZIX?

      UZIX stands for 'UNIX Implementation for MSX' and is based on UZI written by Douglas Braun.
      UZIX 1.0 was the first UZIX version and was ported to MS-DOS / MSX by Archi Schekochikhin and Adriano Rodrigues da Cunha. The MS-DOS version never passed the beta stage, and was mainly maintained by Archi Schekochikhin. Adriano Cunha was responsible for almost all the MSX implementation.
      UZIX 2.0 is a big improvement over version 1.0. The main differences are the bigger kernel, allowing more functions to be accomodated in the kernel, and a bigger application space, allowing more powerful applications. UZIX 2.0 is maintained by Adriano Cunha and it's based on many ideas of Archi Schekochikhin.
      UZIX implements almost all 7th Edition AT&T UNIX kernel functionality. Version 1.0 was written to run on a MSX1/2/2+/TR and version 2.0 is intended for MSX2/2+/TR. The source code is written mostly in C, and was compiled with Turbo-C (PC) or Hitech-C (MSX). UZIX's code was based on public domain Doug Braun's UZI, which was written from scratch, and contains no AT&T code, so it is not subject to any of AT&T's copyright or licensing restrictions.
      All file I/O, directories, mountable file systems, user and group IDs, pipes, and applicable device I/O are supported. The number of processes is limited only by the swap space available, with a maximum of 31 processes (total of 1024k memory) for UZIX 1.0 and 252 processes (total of 4096k memory) for UZIX 2.0. UZIX implements UNIX well enough to run the Bourne Shell in its full functionality.