UZIX Zilog Inside
UNIX Implementation for MSX

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What have changed here?
  • 18/03/2005 - Updated file fb.conf;
  • 30/03/2003 - UZIX TCP/IP with Windows guide released;
  • 28/02/2002 - Improved HTC Linux compiler released;
  • 28/08/2001 - UZIX compiler released;
  • 28/08/2001 - Updated UZIX 1.0 installers (UZIX/UZLO);

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    WARNING: UZIX is free software, released under GPL license. It has many features, but is far from perfection and from other UNIX clones for 16/32/64 bits machines. Feel free to study the code and port it to any machine you want.
    Discovered any bugs? Enhanced any part of code? Wanna help UZIX project? Wanna information? So, write to Thanks!

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