UZIX Zilog Inside
UNIX Implementation for MSX

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UZIX 1.0 status

    kernel version: 1.0
    system speed with Z80 3.5MHz: 135 dhrystones/second;
    system speed with R800 14MHz: 1099 dhrystones/second;

  • UZIX is running on any MSX system (MSX2, MSX2+, TR and even emulators);
  • Full working multitask environment;
  • Full working multiuser environment;
  • Stable filesystem, almost bugless;
  • Very stable kernel, shell and environment;
  • System shell and utilities running with no errors;
  • Manual pages are available;
  • Module support (only used by TCP/IP Stack now);
  • Working TCP/IP Stack and network applications;
  • Harddisk support (ESE MegaSCSI and Sunrise IDE);
Known bugs and missing features:
  • Some DiskROMs doesn't work well with UZIX. MSX Turbo-R DiskROM also have this problem, and it's related to stopping the drive. If the drive stops spinning, the next access to it returns a 'not ready' error after a long delay. It can be solved with the appropriate settings on 'Advanced settings' in UZIX installation program;
  • Disk access is slowed down since disk buffers were decreased to accommodate module functions in kernel. Also, the number of simultaneous opened files is less than previous versions (0.1.5 and below);
  • TABs are not correctly erased by BS key;
  • Many manual pages are missing;
  • UZIX doesn't have the concept of background/foreground applications controlled by user;
  • Only ESE MegaSCSI and Sunrise IDE harddisk controllers were tested. UZIX will NOT run on Gouda, BERT and Novaxis harddisk controllers;