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UNIX Implementation for MSX

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What have changed here?
  • 18/03/2005 - Updated file fb.conf;
  • 24/09/2003 - New UZIX 0.2.1 alpha release;
  • 30/03/2003 - UZIX TCP/IP with Windows guide released;
  • 19/08/2002 - New UZIX 0.2.1 alpha released;
  • 26/06/2002 - Improved Linux HTC compiler;

  • UZIX current development (19/08/2002):
  • UZIX 2.0 development;
  • Network modules improvement;

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    ATTENTION: This is a beta version of UZIX, so don't expect any perfect Linux or SunOS clone, neither applications like Netscape, X/Windows, Emacs or even VI.
    Discovered any bugs? Great! Please, report to, giving as much information as possible. Thanks.

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