UZIX Zilog Inside
UNIX Implementation for MSX

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UZIX 2.0 status


    kernel version: 0.2.0
    system speed with Z80 3.5MHz: 144 dhrystones/second;
    system speed with R800 14MHz: 1096 dhrystones/second;

  • UZIX is running on any MSX system (MSX2, MSX2+, TR and even emulators);
  • As far as is known, full working multitask environment;
  • As far as is known, full working multiuser environment;
  • As far as is known, stable filesystem;
  • As far as is known, stable kernel, shell and environment;
  • As far as is known, system shell and applications are running with no errors;
  • Manual pages are available;
  • Module support (only used by TCP/IP Stack now);
  • Working (but still beta) TCP/IP Stack and network applications;
  • Harddisk support (ESE MegaSCSI and Sunrise IDE);
  • Fast access to Turbo-R floppy disk-drive;
  • Support to standard RS232 interfaces;
  • Support to Sunrise RS232 and ACCNET;
  • Three virtual terminals support (acessible with GRAPH+Fn keys);
  • Intelligent memory utilization;
  • Enhanced support to MSXDOS emulation;
Known bugs and missing features:
  • Some DiskROMs doesn't work well with UZIX, and it's related to stopping the drive. If the drive stops spinning, the next access to it returns a 'not ready' error after a long delay. It can be solved with the appropriate settings on 'Advanced settings' in UZIX installation program;
  • TABs are not correctly erased by BS key;
  • Many manual pages are missing;
  • UZIX doesn't have the concept of background/foreground applications controlled by user;
  • Only ESE MegaSCSI and Sunrise IDE harddisk controllers were tested. UZIX will NOT run on Gouda and Novaxis harddisk controllers;
  • Due to a bug in filesystem, FSCK reports, sometimes, an inconsistent number of free blocks. So, it must be allways answered 'YES' to the question 'Fix (Y/N)?';