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UNIX Implementation for MSX

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UZIX 2.0 X-Wind's screenshots

     Here are some screenshots of X-Wind, a GUI manager for UZIX. This is an early alpha version.
     Some considerations about X-Wind:      But, due to this charecteristics, X-Wind also has severe limitations:      Even trying to get the best performance on X-Wind, the general result isn't good due to V99x8 limitations.
     And, due to the fact that this is an alpha version, only X-Term is available as application. Also, you can't open more than two x-terms, there is no window resize/move and some bugs exist.
     The current version of X-Wind can be downloaded from here. This is a 720kb UZIX bootable diskimage. Logon as "root" (no password required) and run "xwind" from shell prompt.
     If you think this work should be continued, send your impressions to

X-Wind's wallpaper

X-Wind main menu

X-Wind with one X-Term opened

X-Wind with two X-Terms opened

X-Wind with two X-Terms opened